New Projects
Past Projects


        Renovations and Additions to 4100 Veteran's Memorial Blvd., Metaire, LA (in   
            design--see above rendering)

        Renovations to 4125 Fountainbleu Dr., NewOrleans (under construction--
            see above photo)

        Two Duplex Residences for the St. Bernard Project, Lower Ninth Ward, New
            Orleans (in permitting, see above rendering)

        New Theater at 527 Elysian Fields, New Orleans (in permitting--see above

        New Artists' Studios at 2839 N. Robertson (under construction--see
            above photo)

        Alterations to the Lewis Residence, Zimple St., New Orleans
            (in design--see above floor plan)

        New Residence on Dumaine St., New Orleans (in design--see
            above rendering)

        New Ninth Ward Community Health Center, New Orleans  (in design--
            see above site plan)

        New Quincy St. Warehouse, Metairie, LA (in design--see above rendering)

        Addition to Pine St. Residence, New Orleans, LA (under construction--see
            above elevation)

        New Residence in Old Metairie, LA (in design--see above rendering)

       Addition to Chestnut St. Residence, New Orleans (in design--see

        Addition to State St. Duplex, New Orleans, LA (in permitting)
        Renovations and Addition to 527 Angela St, Arabi, LA (in permitting)
        Hightower Residence, Cartier St, New Orleans (under construction)
        New Residence for Bill Blount, Argonne Dr., New Orleans (in permitting)
        Residence at 259 Robert E. Lee Blvd., (under construction)
        Residence at 6554 Avenue B, New Orleans (in design)